Lets create a better future for our kids

Bamboo has been widely used for everything from food to house construction but consumers and manufacturers are taking a fresh look at this amazing plant and know the reason why bamboo becomes so popular.

”Eco-friendly” is often a marketing term used to promote products that are earth friendly and non-harming to the environment. Yet it can also be embraced as a way of life. Eco stems from Ecology, the study of the relationships between living organisms and their environment. Friendly is to be favorable or serviceable. By setting the goal of valuing the people, places and creatures that surround us, or are part of our daily existence, we can be guided by an Eco-friendly way of living.

As a way of life, it brings a new consciousness or responsibility to each day, paying more attention to our actions, what we eat and consume, how we communicate and get around. Choosing organic or local versus mass produced and shipped goods. Recycling and reusing things that would otherwise be considered waste. Economizing our use of energy, water, and gas. Taking public transportation or sharing rides. Treating other humans, animals and even insects with respect.

It sounds like a lot of extra work to have to start thinking about all the details of your life, as well as, others all over again. You may wonder what is in it for you. So How does being Eco-Friendly serve you? Inevitably re-examining your choices brings more awareness to your life and provides feedback to live more aligned with your values and needs. It may even help you discover what you thought you required is no longer a real necessity. This is a positive step towards living more authentically and on your own terms.